About Us

Scottish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue is registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation. We have no paid staff and are an entirely voluntary organisation. We are fully dependant on donations and fundraising efforts. SSBTR is a member of the Association of Dog and Cat Homes (ADCH)

Originally set up in England 1971 by Mr Vic Pounds, a branch was later opened in Glasgow in the following year by Mrs Joanna Mason. The Scottish Rescue as it is today was started in 1973 by Kay Carmichael (now the Dowager Duchess of Hamilton).

We are very proud to have Dowager Duchess of Hamilton, Kay Hamilton, as our Patron – she is the very reason the rescue exists and maintains this link with the rescue after decades of helping staffies.

The Rescue operates all over Scotland. Individual members of the Committee each take a share in the workload. They are supported by a number of volunteers

Our Current Committee:

Amanda Wells, Chairperson

Amanda Wells

LIVES:  Edinburgh

DAY JOB: Working for a Homelessness Charity.

DOGS: Currently four rescue greyhounds, the odd short term foster staffie and an amazing Grand-dog called Harry the Staffie.

INTERESTS: Dogs, animal rights and travelling. 

HOW I BECAME INVOLVED: In 2000, I was running a campaign to raise awareness of the plight of greyhounds when SSBTR Founder and Patron, Kay, became involved in the campaign. From then I have intermittently been involved with SSBTR. In 2015, I took over as area coordinator for the rescue and joined the committee in 2019

PREVIOUS RESCUE EXPERIENCE:  I’ve been involved in dog rescue since around 1999.  Although this was mostly greyhounds, lurchers and staffies, everything from Beagles to Malamutes have passed through my hands!

WHAT I BRING TO THE RESCUE: A sick sense of humour, the ability to multitask and have very random ideas that make no sense to anyone!  A real determination to bring the rescue up to modern standards and create more effective systems and ways of working. I also nag and moan a lot!

FUN FACT: I usually have at least one dog related injury!  This includes a bruised chin from lifting a dog into a van, black eyes from bending over to speak to an over-excited staffie and sprained ankle from being knocked over by a running dog…!

Rachel Johnston, Secretary

Rachel Johnston

LIVES: Paisley

DAY JOB: Insurance Broker

DOGS: My own rescue Staffie Lucy until June 2020, regular emergency foster dogs (and a couple of guinea-pigs)

INTERESTS: Dogs, cinema, travel, eating whatever my other half cooks (he’s very good)

HOW I BECAME INVOLVED: I offered to foster after Lucy passed away, had the crazy Bleu boy for 5 months and that was me hooked! I started doing homechecks and dog assessments until joining the committee in September 2020.

PREVIOUS RESCUE EXPERIENCE: This is my first time being involved with dog rescue.

WHAT I BRING TO THE RESCUE: Free insurance advice and a dark sense of humour (recurring theme amongst the trustees!). 

FUN FACT: Lost both big toenails after a 32 mile midnight endurance walk for charity.

Anne Robinson, Treasurer

Anne Robinson

LIVES: Glasgow

DAY JOB: Something fun and very secret!

DOGS: 1 dog called Macy

INTERESTS: Dogs and crafting

HOW I BECAME INVOLVED: Amanda made me!

PREVIOUS RESCUE EXPERIENCE: Used to be area coordinator for Glasgow and surrounding areas, transporter, home checker etc.

WHAT I BRING TO THE RESCUE: Sarcasm and cheek

FUN FACT: My sarcasm and cheek are my main fun fact!

Maggie Morgan, Trustee

Maggie Morgan

LIVES: Scottish Borders


DOGS: Bella and Jojo – SSBTR  staffies

INTERESTS: Staffies, Arranging strange nights out and live music events

HOW I BECAME INVOLVED: Through homing Bella and Jojo.  Jojo came after Bella and had internal injuries as he’d been assaulted in his previous home and was taken to a place of safety by SSBTR.  Jojo took a long time to get over his ordeal.  I became involved because I know first hand the situations some dogs are in and feel the need to help

PREVIOUS RESCUE EXPERIENCE:  I previously had Border Collies though SSBTR was my first venture into dog rescue.  I previously did a lot of fundraising for dog charities though holding bake sales and book sales.

WHAT I BRING TO THE RESCUE: A sense of humour and tend to think more outside the box than the others.  I’m very passionate about the breed – Bella and Jojo have taught me how misunderstood they are.  I cannot imagine life without a staffie now.  I love fundraising and thinking about how we can raise more money for the dogs. And I get very soppy around our dogs too and do everything I can to improve their situations.

FUN FACT:  I like nothing better than fancy dress!  I’m known to organise nights out to ABBA tribute bands then insist those coming with me dress up, complete with wigs!  According to the other Trustees, I make the best tablet in the world and if you attend one of our events, you will probably be able to buy some to try yourself!


We are always looking for volunteers to assist us finding dogs their homes. That means we look for people to homecheck, transport and assess dogs as well as task such as fundraising.  Please note, we do not have kennels so we do not look for dog walkers, except in certain circumstances.

If you think you can help, please email ScottishSBTR@gmail.com with the subject header ‘Volunteer’


As a charity, we need members in order to operate a fair and transparent rescue.  Membership costs nothing other than a wee bit of time for meetings and our Annual General Meeting. We are very keen to get more members on board. If you are interested, please email Scottishsbtr@gmail.com with the subject header ‘Membership’.

The Rescue relies entirely on voluntary donations and undertakes a number of fund-raising activities each year.