Fostering a dog

We very rarely advertise the dogs we have available. If you are interested in fostering one of our dogs, please read on…

It takes a very special person to foster one of our Staffies. This isn’t an easy task as usually the dogs we put to foster are old, have ill health, need to leave their previous home in a hurry or have behavioural issues which mean we cannot place them in a permanent home until these are addressed.

Fosterers need to be prepared to deal with anything – it’s about fixing the Staffie then waving goodbye as he/she moves to a new home in the knowledge you have made a real difference to that Staffie’s life.

Fosterers need to be realistic about what they can or cannot manage and be prepared to go that extra mile. For obvious reasons, we do prefer pet-free homes with no children for emergency fosters but we have current fosterers who have other pets and children.

If you are interested in fostering a Staffie, please complete the form.