Amanda Wells, Chairperson

LIVES:  Edinburgh

DAY JOB: Works for a Homelessness Charity.

DOGS: Currently have three rescue greyhounds – Georgia, Garry and “wee” Scary Mary. The odd short-term foster staffie and an amazing Grand-dog called Harry the Staffie, adopted via SSBTR.

INTERESTS: Dogs, Animal Rights and Travelling. 

HOW I BECAME INVOLVED: While running a campaign, in 2000, raising awareness of the plight of greyhounds, I met the SSBTR Founder & Patron, Kay Carmichael. In 2015, I took over as area coordinator for the rescue and joined the committee in 2019.

PREVIOUS RESCUE EXPERIENCE: I have been involved in dog rescue since 1999.  Although this was mostly greyhounds, lurchers and staffies; everything from Beagles to Malamutes have passed through my hands!

WHAT I BRING TO THE RESCUE: A sick sense of humour; the ability to multitask & have very random ideas that make no sense to anyone!  A real determination to bring the rescue up to modern standards and create more effective systems and ways of working. I also nag and moan a lot!

FUN FACT: I usually have at least one dog related injury!  Including a bruised chin from lifting a dog into a van; black eyes from bending over to speak to an over-excited staffie; and sprained ankle from being knocked over by a running dog!