FUNDRAISING AUCTION 24th March to 3rd April 2022

We have an exciting auction starting tonight. This is for everyone and not just the staffie brigade!

Rules are in the first post on the group on how to bid. Auction ends at 8 pm on Sunday 3rd April 2022. We have new aftershave, staffie goodie bag, the chance to win a portrait of your pet kindly donated by Paws portraits , special plates, electronics and a range of other things. We will be adding some specific Staffie things in the coming days so please keep checking back!

We recently posted a Just Giving appeal to help with our vet bills. We are holding this auction as a fundraiser for two dogs we’ve taken in recently.

Jackson had a tumour on his thigh which needed removed but one thing led to another and we have a vet bill for £3000. Jackson is doing really well in foster and is feeling a lot better.

Milo is a sorry state and has multiple health issues including a tumour and diseased eyes. This poor boy may lose his eyes in the future. We want him to be comfortable and pain free and sadly he’s just as the start of his treatment with the bill so far around £800 but expected to reach at least double that.

In the first instance, you need to join the group! Then happy bidding and good luck ❤️ Please share if you can!

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